Rules of Da Game

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The rules are simple: pick a different NFL team each week.
If they win, you stay in the pool. If they lose, you lose that entry completely.
The catch is you can use a team once and ONLY once for an entry.
A single loss, and you’re outta there.

If your selected team doesn’t win or lose but ties instead, you’ll stay in the pool.
Last player standing wins it all or players split the pot.


Get your fees over to Commish Chris or hubs Larry… online pool page will reflect that it is $2 an entry but you will still only need to pay $5 for 3 picks. Those interested in playing 2 or 3 entries will be able to create up to 2 other CLONE IDs and use different or same picks for those (whatever they choose). Up to a maximum 3 entries/clones per player.  Email with any questions!