Family Stuff

Help out your Secret Santa. Offer up your ideas here for what you might especially enjoy seeing under the tree.


Please reply and leave a comment with your name and list at least 5 ITEMS for gift ideas and then your Secret Santa will be able to peek at your response.


Remember — be as specific as you can (favorite colors, scents, flavors, sizes, etc., as it applies)


This is just for the fam playing in our holly jolly fun…thank you!  😀



Happy happy joy joy!
Chris “Kringle” Kuhn


10 thoughts on “Family Stuff

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  2. Chris the Kuhnster —-

    Some Christmas gifts I would especially enjoy…

    a nice music CD like Ed Sheeran’s X or Avett Brothers’ Magpie and the Dandelion or Hozier by Hozier or Love Stuff by Elle King
    Bath and Body Works White Citrus body cream and/or other items in that scent
    a pretty wall calendar with Italian sites like in Florence or Rome or the Italian Countryside or Italian Art/Sculpture
    Bookends (open to anything cool or different…may use in our cool blue living room or in my peach/Italian motif office) books are falling over. Lol
    Gift cards to favorite places like Panera Bread, Dunkin Donuts, Amazon or Fandango


  3. Linda –
    Gift card for Chicos
    Book – Tapping Into Wealth by Margaret Lynch
    Book – Tapping Into Ultimate Success by Jack Canfield and Pamela Bruner
    Tickets for the Clearwater Marine Aquarium
    Set of good knives (all of ours are dull!)


  4. Boxcar Children books- I have none. There are 36
    Amazon/ Dunkin Donuts gift card
    Bath and Body Works- Surprise me! I’m not picky. Love lotions, shower gel, and hand soap


  5. Larry

    CD Bob Dylan – TheBest of the Cutting Edge 1965-1966 Bootleg series Vol 12.

    D VD Avengers :Age of Ultron

    DVD Jurrasic World

    DVD The Walking Dead Season 5

    Tampa Bay Lightning T shirt, extra large

    See you on Christmas


  6. John’s list – 4 station (a base and 3 satellites) blue tooth land line phone, an extra long pool lounge chair, Tervis travel lids for the 16 oz. tumblers, Amazon gift card.


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